Shorter turnaround times and increase throughput place demands on laboratories for efficient and repeatable methods of sample handling and processing.

Somex is dedicated to helping beverage laboratories meet the challenge of increased workloads and regulatory requirements. We provide solutions that enable laboratories to be even more efficient while maintaining quality and repeatability.

Somex designs and manufacturers some of the finest package and product test equipment for the beverage industry. Our equipment ensures efficiency and repeatability for various sample preparation and handling operations. Most of the industries brands leaders use Somex products as standard in many of their laboratories and bottler sites.


SOMEX was incorporated in 2000 and quickly established a strong reputation for developing innovative products primarily for the beverage sector. Based near Cork in Ireland we currently have customers in over 60 countries across 4 continents. Initially supported by Shannon Development Somex is now supported by Enterprise Ireland, the national development authority. SOMEX directors Brian O Keeffe and Michael Wall have a combined 40 years automation design, control and process improvement. We are committed to continually developing new and innovative products to improve Laboratory process.


Somex is based in a state of the art facility in Ballyvourney, Co. Cork in the South West of Ireland

Based in the South West of Ireland Somex relocated to a state of the art facility in Ballyvourney, Co. Cork in 2011. The technology park is managed by the Irish Government development agency Udaras whose the focus is on supporting indigenous Irish companies. Our location is less than 1 hour from both Shannon and Cork International Airports.

New product development

New product development and existing product and process improvement are central to the success of Somex

New product development and existing product and process improvement are central to the success of Somex. Our customers benefit from the close relationships we have established at University College Cork and at the Tyndall Institute in various research projects. Our close working relationships with our customers allow us to understand their challenges and offer new and improved technology to further improve their process.

Trade Fairs

At your next visit to a Trade Fair, if you see the SOMEX Hat, our Trade Stand will be nearby!

Press Coverage

Somex with Minister for Enterprise Brian O Keeffe Somex discussing unique features of the DELTA 3000 to Minister for Enterprise and Employment, Mr Michael Martin at a recent product demonstration.

Somex meets Bloodhound

The Bloodhound assembly takes centre stage on the production floor

Bloodhound – designed to set a 1000mph land speed record. The jet and rocket powered car currently being developed in Bristol, UK develops up to 135000 bhp. The project is led by Richard Noble (former land speed record holder) and Andy Greeen (current land speed record holder).

Earlier this year Bloodhound kindly facilitated a visit by Somex engineers to review the latest progress on the Bloodhound project. The visit was facilitated by Brian Coombs, lead Mechanical Designer on the project. Brian like many of the other design engineers on the project has a background in Formula 1.

Using a combination of Rocket and Jet engine technology the car has more BHP than the QE2 Ocean Liner and achieve 1000 mph, covering the measured mile in 3.6 sec, which is faster than a bullet.

The record attempt will take place at Hakskeenpan in South Africa’s Northern Cape where Andy Green hopes to break the record he set in 1997 with the Thrust Supersonic Car (SSC) achieving 763 mph.

For more information on this project visit there website